Crafted by hand in Valla NSW

About Us

Valladise Fibre Atelier is a contemporary story of city dwellers thirsting the tree change.  Starting on a 25 acre macadamia plantation looking for a solution to eat grass, we bought alpacas as an eco-sustainable livestock.  

Gently padding the earth, the alpaca produces a deliciously soft fibre. Even as the raw fleece, alpaca has a handle superior to any other natural fibre.  

As naturally progresses we started to use our fleeces for home projects.  A passion continued and then the hobby grew into a new adventure.  Now we are buying fleeces to turn into crafters  and fibre artists delights.

Our beautiful products are now available to the public.  We craft by hand  -yarn, garments and home decor.


Valladise farm is located in Valla on the Mid North Coast NSW.  We make appearances at local markets and trade shows.  

Bellingen Markets - 3rd Saturday of each month

Valla Markets - 1st Saturday of every second month


Please to browse our store on Etsy, or come visit our facebook page for idea sharing.

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Our Market Stall

Our market stall is a treasure box full of fibre craft inspiration, accessory ideas, and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. Whether you're looking for carded wool or for that elusive piece to complete your outfit, we can help!

Customer Reviews

"It's so luxurious and soft." -- 

"I adore your Suri handspun I bought at the market. " -- Michelle Snowdon, Wool Dancer, Blue Mountains